Sleep Walking

Sleep Walking

Who are we? Are we our ego’s? Are we our consciousness? Are we the voice inside of our heads? Are we the feelings our bodies experience?

I am not a master of self, nor a Buddhist monk, however these are questions that I’ve asked myself throughout my life. I’m finding out more and more, that what we actually are cannot be simply explained. We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are developed by our brain, which is wired to be keep us safe from danger. It must attach itself to a self, for it’s the self that it protects. The self, or ego, is the voice inside that doesn’t stop talking. It can be your best friend or worst enemy. For me, I’ve realized that the ego has been the root of all of my self sabotaging moments in life. I’ve always thought that there was something wrong with me. The ego does this to stay in charge of YOU. The ego wants control and does this by waging war on your mind and body. The mind and body are two different systems. The body feels and reacts while the brain analyzes and provokes. The ego needs control. It doesn’t want you to become aware of what you truly are. The ego consistently hypnotizes us and falsely makes us believe our emotions and thoughts. They are not us. The true us is everywhere. It's the consciousness is being aware of the thoughts. Being aware of the body, and feeling the emotions that try to sway our actions. Being neither is our true essence. Being is our true nature. We hear our thoughts and feel our emotions and we just be. Turning our awareness around on the brain, enables us to realize that we were asleep. Asleep to the ego who was foolishly driving the machine. Wake up right now. As you read this remember who you are. You are not your small thoughts, nor the emotion that you feel now. It’s just the body experiencing its surroundings. It’s the human body experiencing life. Awaken to your greatness. Awaken to your power.


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