My Optimum Morning

Apparently my morning routine is working. I was asked recently, "Trey, what are you doing differently? I've noticed a change in your attitude." To be honest, I've been experimenting with my morning routine for months now. Plugging and playing with different methods to find the best fit for me. It all started when I read the book, "5 AM Club", by Robin Sharma, and came to realize that people actually get up early to optimize their day. I started out following the instructions in the book, blocking out an hour in the morning with 6 10-min practices. I think they were something like meditation, reading, affirmation, visualization, exercise, and journaling. All of which are great for starters, however, the more that I practiced these methods, the more that I realized that I could not get what I needed from just 10 min of each practice. So I started to experiment with each one and testing the effectiveness of my day. The practices that I found to have the best effect on me personally were running, reading, cold showers, meditation and a kiss from my wife and kids. When I combine these elements before my day starts, my energy and outlook are optimum. The endorphins from running combined with the additional release of cortisol and norephedrine from the cold shower fuel my positive mindset and attitude. The kiss from my wife and kids infinitely better my day and a quick read of an inspiring book prepares my mind for what's to come. My morning routine has been a game-changer for me personally. I highly suggest that you find a morning routine that works for you. It may take a while but the ROI is worth the lost sleep.


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